Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Monday, 19 May 2014

I went to School

School in Ireland is super strange. The small humans learn about numbers but they call them Maths and learn English stuff like writing and reading. Penguin school is different we learn about fish and weather and snow. Small humans in Ireland also learn some Irish, I want to learn that too. Can anyone teach me something to say in Irish?
The small humans were lovely though, they let me join in their human games in PE and they let me teach them some penguin games like Penguin Penguin Polar Bear and BulPenguin. Then they wrote some stories about me and drew some pictures of me. I love seeing pictures of me, Helen says it's because I'm vain but I think it's because I'm really handsome and the small humans drew fantastic pictures of me. Here are some of the stories they wrote me

Living with Waddles
I was having a really strange day. First a penguin came to my house and I named him Waddles. Waddles tried to take my ice cream. He pushed me into the bath. The next day we made friends.

Waddles and The Polar Bear 
Waddles was a little Penguin who lived in Antarctica. Waddles was very curious and wanted to go find out about the world. He thought the only way he could do that was to swim to all the different parts of the world. So he packed his bags and set off. He didn't know where he was going but taking breaths at the surface he eventually got to the North Pole. But he didn't know that there was a polar bear there. When he saw the polar bear he ran to Santas Workshop. Santa gave him water guns. Waddles went out and shot water in the polar bears eyes. The polar bear couldn't see so Waddles dropped the guns and swam to Ireland. He went to Miss Bullocks house. What will he do there? 

The Story of Waddles
Once there was a cheeky penguin called Waddles. He lived in Antarctica then moved to Limerick with Miss Bullock. She came to school today and I saw Waddles. He is black and white and cute. We went out for PE and Waddles made up all the games. 

ME again
Me in my fancy clothes

I can't show you all the wonderful stories the humans wrote about me, Helen says I'd have to type all night to do that and I'm hungry. It's almost dinner time and I have raw fish waiting for me. Helen says I should try something new every day so today I tried Salad and honey. I might blog about that tomorrow and maybe share some more stories from the humans? Oh by the way Helen says I have to tell you that the humans are in first and second class in Limerick and would love to see who reads their stories about me. So say hi to them, I know they'll reading my new blog every week now! I hope I get to visit them again soon, they were nice humans.

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