Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hello, I'm Waddles

Waddles is a penguin who recently moved to Limerick and and is getting used to living in Ireland. Ireland is very different to Antarctica where he is from. Waddles hopes to be able to write a blog for classes to enjoy and learn from! He's kindly agreed to be interviewed for his first blog post! He'd love to answer any questions you might have for him so please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment or emailing Helen.

Name: Waddles
Nationality: Antarctican
Language spoken: English though I speak some Russian
Age: A penguin never shares their age, it's rude to ask
Where do you live: I've just moved to Ireland, I'm living in Limerick
Why? I wanted to go on an Adventure and Ireland seemed like fun, I also want to learn to speak Irish
Do you live alone? No I live with a teacher called Helen
There's me and Helen
Are you Helen's new pet? No way!! She's my pet, I look after her.
What's it like living with an Irish girl compared to life in Antartica? I've never lived with a human girl before but I like it, Helen is lovely but she does some strange things.
Such as what? Well she lives inside a house and not an igloo like other humans I know, she doesn't eat raw fish, she cooks her food which I think is really weird.
Have you tasted new food since moving to Limerick? Yes! Some of it is really weird and hot but others I really like. I'm still not used to eating cooked food though. But I do like pasta and cheese now and I tasted chocolate recently, I really like that!
So what is your favourite Chocolate: a Penguin bar of course
Do you have a favourite Movie: Happy Feet
Can you dance? Not as well as Happy Feet can but I try, I'd like to learn Irish Dancing
Do you have a favourite song: Here comes the Sun, the Beatles but I really like Ice Ice Baby too by Vanilla Ice
What do you miss about home? My parents and my Grandma, I also miss the snow a little.
There isn't much snow in Ireland....No there's not, there's  just a lot of rain and some wind but that's ok mostly. I'm looking forward to some sunshine.
So are we Waddles! We love the sun here! So I've heard and I'm looking forward to experiencing it, I'm really looking forward to trying ice cream too, I'm told it's cold like snow.
Sometimes vanilla ice cream even looks like snow. That sounds super delicious :) I can't wait to try it.
I've heard ice cream can even be chocolate too!
It can! WOW!! I think I'm going to like Ireland a lot!
What are your plans for living here? Well next week I'm meeting some of Helen's friends and she's bringing me on an adventure so I'm really excited about that! I'll take loads of photos for my new blog so you can all share too!

I'll be back soon, I must go get some fish and try to teach Helen how to eat fish properly, there's no need for fish fingers, after all fish don't have fingers!

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