Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Sunday, 25 May 2014

I visited the ZOO

I went to the zoo in Berlin, Berlin is in Germany and we had to go on a plane to get there. We left from Shannon in County Clare and landed in Berlin. I really like flying. Penguins can't fly so a plane was super cool for me! I really liked looking out the window at all the clouds!

The zoo is a strange place, some animals live there. The animals there are wild animals but the zoo isn't wild, it's very open though and the animals are safe there. I liked the zoo even though I think animals should be allowed to live in the wild where they are meant to be. I got to meet loads of different animals there I even met some penguins! Helen brought me because she was afraid if the zoo keepers saw a penguin walking around the zoo alone they might think I escaped from the penguin house but I'm a different penguin I live in Ireland not in Berlin Zoo so Helen took care of me and I was very good I didn't wander off and get lost or anything. Helen was really proud of me for being so good.

Elephants are really big compared to me

I really like the Gorilla, he looks grumpy though

Did you know a leopard never changes his spots? 

I learnt to spell rhinoceros for this photo

The zoo is a really fun place to visit, I saw loads of other animals but I didn't take photos with them all. I really liked the petting zoo, I got to sit on a goat until he kicked me off! I really liked the lambs, they're baby sheep. But I didn't like the Goose there, he hissed at me and scared me. He even tried to bite me, I'm not goose food. I don't think the goose had ever met a Penguin before because he didn't know that he shouldn't eat me!

While I was in Berlin I went to see a bit of the Berlin wall. The Berlin Wall was a huge wall built in the middle of Berlin years and years ago to keep the West and East sides apart. Some people tried to escape over the wall to the other side to their family or friends but lots of people were hurt trying to get over the wall. Some people even died. It was really sad.  The Berlin Wall was taken down in 1989, that's 25 years ago and now people in Berlin can move from East to West freely. I think it's important to know History even the sad bits.

Berlin Wall

I really liked Berlin, I even learnt some German I can say 

Hello Gutten Tag  
Goodnight Gutten Abend 
Thank you Danke 
Please Bitte

It's very different to English but I like learning new languages! I think it's very important to learn different languages and learn about different places and countries. I think I'm a wise penguin because I try to learn new things every day!


  1. Excellent idea Helen and Waddles. I'm so glad you enjoyed Berlin and I look forward to following your journeys.

  2. Thanks Joanna!
    Are you a nice human too?