Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Thursday, 22 May 2014

I learnt about the library

I even learnt how to spell library. Did you know there's a sneaky R in there to confuse us? I know all about it now and I can spell it really well! I met a book minder there too, her name is Maria. Maria minds all the books in the children's sections of the libraries around Dublin. Dublin is a long way away, it took Helen over two hours to drive there from Limerick. I like being in the car but the other cars on the road scare me. But when we got to Tallaght library I was really excited!

I've been making friends with a lovely Bee on Twitter and he lives in Tallaght library with all the books! I think I'd like to live in the library too!

        Here's me and buzz in the library 

I had a look at all the books, I really liked reading about the penguins! There were lots of really cool books and Maria read me some but my favourite was the book about polar animals, they're the animals that live in snow like me! 

Tallaght library has some really cool art work too! Some schools came in and used recycled stuff to make a giant garden inside! It was so cool! I really liked the giant carrot but it tasted weird! Yuck! 

There was even a recycled Penguin there! I think he looks like my best penguin friend Freddie! Freddie has huge eyes and a really long orange beak, I think I'll send this photo to him. I hope he likes it! 

I really liked Maria the librarian. I love reading and I think Maria has a super cool job! I'd love to mind books too! Books are the best! I brought Maria some brownies I baked! Helen did the hot oven bit because it was too hot for a penguin like me! I ate a brownie with Maria

I love the library! I really hope I can visit again! I'd like to see Buzz again too! You can follow me on twitter too, did you know that? My twitter name is @WaddlesPPenguin and I love tweeting small humans in school :) 


  1. Waddles, thank you for putting me in your blog. I love it. It was great to see you using the library and I hope you will encourage lots of children to use their local library. It's free to join and full of books and other things.

  2. Oooooh that's Maria the book minder (Helen says she's a librarian) I really liked Maria! Can penguins join the library too Maria? What kind of other things are in the library? Can I see them next time?

    Love Waddles

  3. Waddles everyone can join the library. You just need to bring proof of your address. Children must also bring an adult with them too.
    Buzz is not in every library but all libraries do have fantastic books for penguins, bees and even humans.

  4. Thanks Maria,
    There's only one Buzz, cause he's the very best!
    I like that there's books for penguins, bees and even the humans!