Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My interview with Julia

Last week I was a lucky little Penguin and I got to chat to a really cool human. I say chat but really I mean interview, an interview is lots of questions to learn something. I felt like a news reporter. I looked her up online to see what she does and then I made a list of questions to ask Julia (thats the woman I was interviewing) and I made notes and got myself ready.

Waddles: Good morning Miss Skinner 
(Helen says its polite to say Miss Skinner because she's a grown up and I should be respectful because I'm interviewing her)

Julia, Me and Catherine
Julia: Good morning Waddles, I hope you slept well and are ready for a busy day?
Waddles: I'm really excited to be interviewing you Miss Skinner, may I call you Julia?
Julia: Julia will be fine, we are friends after all
Waddles: Thanks Julia! We are friends, I love having nice human friends! I slept really well thank you but I don't think my human did, she's really grumpy! I'm afraid to go driving with her because she's so sleepy :(
Julia: I'm not sleeping well at the moment either, I have too many things on my mind. I need to get some of them off my to do list. Do you have one of those? 
Waddles: What's a to do list?
Julia: You write down the jobs/things you need to get done, so for instance on yours you could have interview Julia!
Waddles: Ah a fish list!! Penguins have fish lists of all things they must do which always has fish on it! 

Waddles Fish List
Catch Fish in Tesco
Eat Fish
Interview Julia
Eat more fish
Drive to Dublin with human
Eat more fish

Julia: Of course, silly me! I must get into the fish zone. I'm having prawns for my supper!
Waddles: Oh I like prawns but the shells are tricky for me because I don't have fingers like humans
Julia: Mine don't have shells. Mr Skinner puts them in pasta, he always cooks supper on Fridays and we have pasta. I love Fridays!
Waddles: What's pasta? I think I'd like anything with fish in it! 
Julia: Waddles, I think pasta might be a bit heavy for you, it tastes lovely but might stay in the bottom of your tummy and make you sink, you're such a little Penguin!!
Waddles: Oh no!!! I don't want to sink!! :(
Julia: Exactly, better stick to fish!
Waddles: I love fish! I learnt about ice cream last week, I want to try that next! 

Julia: Be careful because it's very cold! Mr Skinner says hi to you and Helen
Waddles: Helen says hi too, and that she likes pasta too! You'll have competition now, Helen cooks weird things, she never has fish and might need Mr Skinner to cook for her
Julia: He cooks pasta and roasts very well but doesn't do much else tell her. 

Waddles: Helen says she likes roasts too. I think Helen is very silly. 
Julia: Now Waddles, you mustn't be rude about humans. That isn't nice even if Helen is silly. 
Waddles: But she's my pet human. 
Julia: Yes even so...you must be polite otherwise she may take you to the zoo and leave you there
Waddles: OH NO!! I liked the zoo but I don't want to stay there, the penguins all spoke German and I like my adventures. 

Julia: Well I'm going on an adventure and may see some of your relations! I'm going to see the zoo in Singapore and Sydney. I'm also going on a night safari but I expect the penguins will be asleep then. 
Waddles: If they have sense they'll be asleep but I'll ask them to pop out and say hello to my friends
Julia: That's very kind of you Waddles

Waddles: You know Julia, I read lots of your 100 Word Challenge posts last week and I really liked them. Could you tell me about them? 
Julia: Right it's very easy really. I set a prompt each week of either a picture, part of a sentence or a few individual words. The children use the prompt and 100 words to produce a piece of their best creative writing. 
This is popped onto their class blog and then linked to my blog, where magic happens. Do you know about magic? 

Mr Skinner, me and Julia
Waddles: I know about Penguin Magic, it's where a penguin pulls a fish or tiny penguin out of a glacier. 
Julia: Yes magic is wonderful 
Waddles: But why don't the small humans only get 100 words to use? 
Julia: Well by making it 100 words the children have to think hard about the words they chose. They have to SELECT the right words. Imagine you had lots of fish but you could only eat one, You would have to make a choice and pick the best one!

Waddles: Oh that's super clever! Do the small humans make good word choices? 
Julia: Sometimes they need practice like I do with some technology. That is why they take part as often as they can. Want to know what the magic bit is??

Waddles: YES PLEASE!!
Julia: Well, when they link to 100wc.net there are big humans who comment, like you and Helen did last week. The comments make the small humans feel proud of their work. What do you feel proud of Waddles? 
Waddles: I'm proud of my blog and my tweets! And sometimes I'm proud of my human when she does nice things! I really liked reading their work, made me have a funny warm feeling in my tummy, Helen says it's cause they were well written and really clever. I think it's because I was hungry

Julia: No no no no! Waddles! If you're going to become a literary Penguin you are going to have to keep your thoughts about hunger and fish at bay!
Waddles: But I'm a penguin, I'm always hungry!
Julia: Anyway, the small humans, you know they're called children?? The children love getting comments, it makes them happy!

Julia: Are you going to get a Facebook page to talk to your penguin family?
Waddles: I don't know, Helen says no but I got a Twitter when she said I couldn't have one...
Julia: You sound like a very spoilt Penguin Waddles. Don't forget to say please and thank you
Waddles: I'm sometimes a little bold, but I don't mean to be :(
Julia: Maybe we could let the children visit your blog too
Waddles: OOOH I'd like that, they could read and ask questions and I'd answer like a sensible penguin. 

Julia: Do you have any other questions?
Waddles: Why do you do 100wc?  Is it because it's fun?
Julia: Well, I had a blog that nobody visited and I was very sad about that. So I thought I could do something fun with children so my blog wouldn't be lonely. The children were so keen that I set up another blog for 100 words. It does take a lot of time because I have to organise a lot of humans to comment, tell schools when the link doesn't work and post the prompts. 
Waddles: Aw poor blog, it's not nice to be lonely but now you've loads of small humans to keep you company and they write brilliant things for you to read too! You must be really busy though, don't you have time for catching fish?
Julia: No I don't have time for fishing :( I do have time for coffee though
Waddles: I don't like coffee, you should have fish instead!

Waddles: Thanks Julia, it was lovely interviewing you, you're a lovely human! Mind your beak, even though Helen says you don't have a beak!

Julia: Bye Waddles, talk soon :)

I had great fun interviewing Julia, she's super cool like me! And I love the 100 Word Challenge, I think I'd like to write one some day!

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