Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Day at Excited with the human

I was the only penguin in attendance at the Excited Learning Festival last weekend but that didn't stop me! I rocked the place! I sat with the Helen human and some of her friends, they all thought I was unreal and super cool and wanted photos with me! I'm famous! I like being famous, it means everyone knows who I am! I met my friend Minister Ciaran Cannon again and this time we really did take a photo!

Me and Ciaran Cannon, Junior Minister of Education and minder of schools

There were some really weird giant puppets around Excited too, they were super freaky! I was chatting to one called Sheila and she seemed really nice until we had a little fight about fish, surely everyone knows that eating fish fingers is just silly because fish don't have any fingers???

Sheila tried to EAT ME!!!

And the next thing I knew I was in her mouth and she was trying to eat me!! Doesn't she know that you can't eat Penguins?? I'm not dinner! I'm not tasty! I'm a penguin, I'm a visitor to Ireland and I don't need to be eaten by a giant puppet girl! I was screaming for help because I was really really scared and nobody could hear me because I was in this giant mouth and my screams were muffled! I tried to fight my way out of it and I struggled, I wriggled, I squirmed and I pushed my way out...

But in the end I won

I won in the end, I got free and jumped away! I landed on her nose though but I think it's ok because she wasn't hurt and I wasn't eaten! 

But hang on!! Who took the photos of me and Sheila??? I blame Helen......silly human didn't even try to help me! I must give out to her. 

Look at all the lovely people I met!

I loved meeting all the teachers there, they were really lovely and they all knew who I was so they all wanted to take photos with me! I'm famous! I really liked the Lego guys! They gave me a Lego duck to make and I made loads of them! It was really fun! All my ducks were in a row together! The Lego guys wanted a photo with me too! I am that cool! I think working with Lego all day would be a great job, maybe they need a Penguin to work with them? I bet they don't have a penguin employed in Lego already? And a Penguin as cool as I am? I am one of a kind :)

Me and the Lego guys

Me and all my ducks in a row
On Saturday we went to Dublin Castle again for more Excited stuff and this time I got to meet some small humans! Oh I also met some medium humans (Helen says they're teenagers) and they were all talking about education and technology stuff. They really liked me. I think they liked my blog and my tweets too! Some of them were tweeting me and telling me how cute I am! I also met Lord David Puttnam, he's a producer and makes movies but he's also a very important person in education and believes Education is the most important thing in the world, I agree with him. He has been in charge of loads of different stuff and even set up an award for brilliant teachers. I'm like a teacher, maybe some day I'll get an award! I'd like an award for best penguin teacher in the world! Would you vote for me?

David Puttnam, me and Helen the human

I really enjoyed the Excited Learning Festival, I even liked spending the day with my human Helen, she took care of me and helped me take loads of photos with all sorts of people! I think it's really important for teachers to learn from each other and from their students. I think Excited helped my human to see how much the small humans like and need technology in school, it's really easy to use and makes learning fun! I love using technology too, it helps me blog and tweet! 

Don't forget to tweet me @WaddlesPPenguin  I love making friends on twitter and chatting to classes and small humans!

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