Pick up Penguin

Pick up Penguin

Monday, 7 July 2014

Spelling Bee Final week

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I got home and I haven't blogged, I feel very bold and I'm sure my human is annoyed with me for not blogging when she took me on a fantastic adventure around Ireland!!! I saw loads of places and we did loads of fun things but mostly we spelt words, big ones. 

Helen brought me to the Eason Spelling Bee final week so we went to Castlebar in Mayo for the Connacht final, a lovely small human from Galway won that one. I liked her. Then we drove to Belfast for the Ulster Final and a wee human called Amelia won there! Then we drove to Youghal in Cork for the Munster final and a boy human called Jack won there. Belfast to Youghal was a huge drive, I thought we'd never get there! Then we went to Carlow for the Leinster final and Keith from Louth won there. 

While in Mayo though I got to have a little play around with all the goodies when Helen wasn't looking! Have a look at my photos 

I won!!!!!
Here's me practicing my winners speech for the moment the Ryan Tubridy told the world I'd won. He must have forgotten though because he thinks that girl won. Silly Tubs

Camera Penguin

I think I'd like to work in TV when I grow up a little, I could be a camera penguin and run the TV cameras and make sure everyone sees me. Helen says though the cameramen and women aren't seen on TV but I think she's silly because I'd be in charge of the camera so everyone could see if I wanted! And I want!!

I'm a Tubridy

If the TV thing doesn't work out I could go into Radio, if my human can do it I can! Anything she can do I can better :) I like the bright orange Microphone thing too, it matches my nose! I'm well able to talk and I think I'd be fantastic at interviews, I interviewed Julia lately and I was great!

I may not be tall enough though
All Ireland Final??
Ok so I didn't really win the Connacht final but I think I was through to the All Ireland final, either way I have the winning Cup as you can see! It's just the right size for a little penguin like me! 

I really enjoyed my Adventure but I think I could do a much better job of calling out the big words than my human did! I can say them all too I was practicing! 

In the end, Amelia from Belfast won the All Ireland, so she got to keep the cup :( which made me really sad :( but Amelia was lovely. She spelt a very hard work V-E-R-M-I-C-E-L-L-I which is a thin strand of pasta or chocolate on a cake. It's tasty. But then again I do like chocolate :) The Tubridy yoke was all excited and my human wasn't much better. They were squealing and squeaking like a pair of noisy penguin babies! Sigh she's so embarrassing

Next time I'll blog some embarrassing stories about Helen!

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